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  1- Hello, Good Morning
  2- I, You, He, She
  3- Am, is, are
  4- What is your name?
  5- Where are you from?
  6- The Alphabet
  7- There is - There are
  8- Some - Any
  9- Count and Uncount Nouns
  10- Possessive 'S'
  11- Possessive Adjectives
  12- Imperatives
  13- Simple Present Tense 1
  14- Simple Present Tense 2
  15- Was - Were
  16- Simple Past Tense
  17- Object Pronouns
  18- Be Going To
  19- Will - Won't
  20- Can - Can't
  21- Frequency Adverbs
  22- How many How much
  23- This That These Those


Sıklık Zarfları

Frequency Adverbs
Always 100% (Daima, her zaman)
Usually 90% (Genellikle)
Often 75% (Sıksık)
Sometimes 50% (Arasıra, bazen)
Seldom 10% (Nadiren)
Never 0% (Asla, hiçbir zaman)

1. Frequency Adverbs

Always (100%) ( Daima, her zaman)
I always get up at 7 o'clock in the morning.
We always get to school on time.
He always drinks tea at breakfast.
I always sleep eight hours at nights.
I always watch TV in the morning.

Usually (90%) (Genellikle)
I usually go to bed at 11 o'clock.
We usually have breakfast at eight o'clock in the morning.
They usually go to school by bus.
I usually study English.

Often (75%) (Sıksık)
We often play football at the weekends.
My father often drives to work.
Children often play games in the garden.
I often play the guitar at the weekends.
I often drink tea at breakfast in the morning.

Sometimes (50%) (Arasıra, bazen)
I sometimes eat lunch at school.
Sometimes We go to the Cafe after school.
We sometimes walk to school.
Hüseyin sometimes smokes cigarettes.
Sometimes I clean my room.
I sometimes go to bed at 9 o'clock.
(Sometimes cümlenin başında ortasında ve sonunda kullanılabilir.)

Seldom (10%) (Nadiren)
I seldom go home after 8 o'clock. (I usually go home before 8 o'clock.)
He seldom has breakfast in the morning.
I seldom clean my computer.
She seldom has lunch at school.

Never (0%) (Asla, hiçbir zaman)
I never smoke cigarette.
She never drinks alcohol.
I am never late. (He is never late.)
(Sıklık zarfaları "am, is, are" dan sonra kullanılır. Normalde fiilden önce kullanılır.)


a) iki veya daha fazla kelime ile oluşan Sıklık Zarflarına örnekler:

every day
every week
every month
every year

once a day (günde bir kez)
twice a week (haftada iki kez)
five times a month (Ayda beş kez)
ten times a year (Yılda on kez)

b) Bu sıklık zarfları cümle sonunda veya başında kullanılır. Fiilden önce kullanılmaz.
I go to Cafe every night.
We have meal three times a day.
We play football three days a week.
I have breakfast every morning.
Every day I drink milk.

3. Sıklık zarfları HOW OFTEN sorusu ile sorulur. HOW OFTEN sorusuna sıklık zarfları ile cevap veririz.

How often do you eat ice cream?
I never eat ice cream. I am always on a diet!

How often do you go to the cinema?
Every week.

Find the correct option.
1- A: ..... do you watch TV?
B: I sometimes watch TV.

2- A: ...... do you go to the cinema?
B: I go to the cinema every weekend.

3- A: How often do you brush your teeth?
B: ...................

4- We ........... have cheese, olives and tea for breakfast.

5- A: How often are you late for school?
B: ........................

Fill in the blanks with the words given in the paranthesis.

1- My family ........... their wedding day. ( 100% celebrate)

2- We ........... a big picnic at the lake. (90% have)

3- My friend ........... A special cake ( 75% bring)

4 Some people ........ to the picnic. (0% come)

5- The weather ......... rainy. ( 50% be) (be = am, is, are)

6- My father ......... cigarettes. ( 10 % smokes)

7- We ........... a big party with friends. (100% have)

Ask questions with HOW OFTEN

We play football every Saturday afternoon.

2- ....................
I always have breakfast in the morning.

3- .....................
. I am never late for school.

4 ........................
They seldom celebrate their birthday.

5- .......................
I am sometimes angry when they ask my age.


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