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Adventure Travel

Adventure Travel

Jul 26 2021


A relaxing beach vacation may sound perfect to some, but for the more adventurous, it just isn’t exciting enough. Unless getting to the beach meant hiking through the jungle or parachuting out of an airplane. Then it might be OK.

Adventure travelers aren’t interested in plain old sightseeing or a typical beach holiday. They prefer to spend their vacations doing active, exciting, and possibly even slightly dangerous activities. They like to go to remote places that most tourists never visit. Find out if Marni and Ella are thrill seekers when it comes to travel.


Ella: So when it comes to adventure, Marni, are you a relaxation kind of person or more of a thrill seeker?

Marni:  You mean like traveling, would I prefer just to go somewhere and actually have a vacation, or do I like to travel?

Ella:  Mm-hmm.

Marni:  I’m definitely more of an adventure traveler.

Ella:  Awesome.

Marni:  Yeah, absolutely. I think, doing it now…I mean, I think you can enjoy Paris when you’re 85 and you can barely walk, but right now is the time to run through the Amazon rainforest or go on safari in Africa or climb Mount Everest. I haven’t done that, but…

Ella:  What is one of the wildest things you’ve done on vacation?

Marni:  I actually, I went on safari last year, and that was pretty amazing. Actually, I never really thought it would be as incredible as it was. There’s just something about seeing animals in their native habitat. It was incredible. So yeah, I like to push myself when I travel. Kinda get out of my comfort zone, do some crazy things. How about you?

Ella:  I definitely like adventure, but I like to balance it out with some relaxation. I mean, I’ve done the bungee jumping and paragliding and stuff, but I definitely like to just lay out at the beach, too. So as long as there’s a good balance of both…but yeah, adventure is definitely something I seek when I go on vacation.

Marni:  Yeah, absolutely.


Ella asks Marni if she prefers adventurous or relaxing vacations. Marni is an adventure traveler. She loves to have exciting experiences on vacation. She thinks it’s important to have adventures while you’re still young and able to do it.

Marni says one of the most exciting adventures she’s had on vacation was when she went on safari in Africa. She loved seeing the animals in their natural habitats.

Ella also likes to do adventurous things on vacation, such as bungee jumping. But she also likes relaxing on the beach. For her, the best vacations have both adventure and relaxation.

Are you adventurous? Do you prefer to have relaxing vacations, or are you an adventure traveler?

Grammar Point


Marni says she is definitely more of an adventure traveler. Definitely is an adverb.

We often use adverbs in order to add emphasis to something we are saying. Adverbs like really, totally, very, and absolutely all help add emphasis to our statements.

When Marni says she is definitely more of an adventure traveler, she emphasizes the fact that she loves to have adventures when she travels. She uses the adverb definitely to make her statement stronger.

Which is correct, “I definitely prefer a relaxing beach vacation” or “I prefer definitely a relaxing beach vacation”?


  1. What kind of vacation does Marni prefer?

  2. Which of these has Ella done?

  3. Which of these has Marni done?

  4. What does Ella prefer?

  5. A thrill seeker is someone who loves __.

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