Preposition Quiz 3
Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions.

1- The house built according the owner's plans.
2-Please don't be proud your homework.I know you haven't done it.
3-Jerry was jealous Tom's success.
4- He's capable being an excellent student.
5- I'm accustomed watching TV every night.
6-I'm not very keen modern classical music.
7- She is quite nice but I wouldn't like to be married her.
8- I was not aware your attention.
9- Bursa is famous silk and peaches.
10- I'm getting more and more dissatisfied your work.
11- I'm ashamed telling your secret to him.
12- Be aware dog.
13- I live somewhere close the city centre.
14- 3:00 a.m is different 3:00 p.m.
15- I'm familiar you.
16- Ankara is famous its honey.
17-My grandfather is fond gardening.
18- I was delighted the present you sent me.
19-George is jealous his younger sister.
20-She is well_qualified typing and very efficient her work.
21- We are fortunate having sufficient supplies of fuel the winter.
22-Contrary my expectations, there was no need to be uneasy the results of the match.
23-I am not familiar his novels and not very keen reading them.
24-I know he is slow understanding , but you have to be patient him.
25-It is obvious everyone that he is not responsible this mistake.
26- I think he's quite honest his intentions.
27- He is not only indifferent other people ; he is often extremely rude them as well.
28- I'm not very fond dancing.
29- Children remain dependent their parents for a long time.
30- I should be grateful any advice you can give.
31- He is not different anyone else.
32- He may be quick understanding, but he's not capable remembering anything.
33- He is intent passing the examination, but I'm doubtful his chances.
34- He says he's sorry what he did, so you need not get angry him.
35- I've never been good arithmetic.
36- That boy is far ahead everyone else in the class.
37- Even though he was often cruel his dog,it remained faithful him.
38- Your conclusions are not consistent the facts.
39- This diary will prove useful - you.
40--I'm not sure the exact date,but I think he arrived here in 1960.
41-- He was found guilty a great many crimes.
42-- You should not be so sensitive criticism.
43-- This passport is valid all countries except China.


1- to
2- of
3- of
4- of
5- to
6- on
      7- to
8- of
9- for
10- with
11- of
12- of
      13- to
14- from
15- with
16- for
17- of
18- with
      19- of
20- at - in
21- in - for
22- to - about
23-with - on
24- with
      25- to - for
26- about
27- to - to
28- of
29- on
30- for
      31- from
32- at - of
33- on - of
34- about - with
35- at
36- of
      37- to - to
38- with
39- to
40- of
41- of
42- to