A : Doctor, doctor, I feel like an old sock.
  B : Darn me. I thought there was a funny smell in here !


  A : Daddy, daddy, can I have another glass of water ?
  B : But, you've had six already.
  A : I know, but my sister's still on fire !


  A : Why is your cat looking at me like that ?
  B : Because you're eating off its plate !


  A : Waiter, waiter, you've got your thumb in my soup.
  B : It's all right, sir. It isn't hot !


  A : When do you like school most ?
  B : At weekends and during the school holidays, and when I'm off sick !


  A : I told you to get a good place in your class this term.
  B : I did that.... Right by the window !


  A : What's HNO3 ?
  B : It's It's on the tip of my tongue, sir.
  A : Well, spit it out at once. It's nitric acid !


  A : What shall we do this afternoon ?
  B : I know. Let's spin a coin. If it comes down heads,let's go skating, and if it comes down tails,let's go swimming.
  C : And if it comes down on its edge, let's stay in and do our homework !


  A : Give me a sentence starting with I, Mandy.
  B : Yes, miss. I is.......
  A : No,no,no, Mandy. You don't say 'I is' you say 'I am'.
  B : All right, miss. I am the ninth letter of the alphabet !


   A : Simon, if I had eight apples in my right hand and ten apples in my left hand,
        what would I have ?
   B : Huge hands, sir.


    A : Kenneth, name ten things with milk in them.
    B : Yes,sir. Milkshake,tea,coffee,cocoa,and six cows !


   A : Doctor,doctor. I feel like a car.
   B : Just park yourself over there !



   A : Can you count up to ten Prunella ?
   B : Yes, miss. One,two,three,four,five,six,seven,eight,nine,ten.
   A : Very good. Now, can you go on from there ?
   B : Yes, miss. Jack,Queen,King !


   A : There is a fly in my soup.
   B : Don't worry,sir. He won't drink much !


   A : There's a spider in my soup.
   B : Oh, really ? That's 10 p extra !


Compiled and presented by Hakan RODOP / ANKARA

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