A lion fell asleep in his cave one afternoon. He ate a large dinner. A cheeky little mouse ran into the lion's cave.
He jumped on to the lion's nose and ran up to the top of his head.the lion woke up.He was very angry he roared loudly,and caught the mouse in his paw.

"How dare you wake me up." the lion roared. "I am going to kill you for that."

The mouse was afraid."Please,please let me go!"he cried."I did not mean to wake you up.Don't kill me. perhaps one day I can help you."

"What?"said the lion. "how can a tiny animal help the King of all the animals?"

The lion thought this was very funny. He laughed and let the mouse go free.

"All right,mouse.Run away."

The mouse slipped out of the lion's paw and scampered away. The other day,some hunters spread a net in the forest to catch wild animals.The hunters caught the lion with their net. He struggled hard to get free. He rolled on the ground, but the net wound round and round him. Soon he could not move. The mouse heard the lion roaring and growling.He ran to see what happened.

"Lie still,"he said to the lion "I am going to set you free."

The mouse had sharp little teeth. He worked very hard and began to chew through the net. Soon he made a small hole.The mouse chewed hard.The small hole in the net became a big hole.The lion moved one paw.Then he stood up.That was the success of the little mouse. The mouse said

"You laughed at me when I promised to help you.Now you can see that a little mouse can help a great lion!"

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