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The following list does not include the adjectives derived from participle forms of verbs e.g.(verb)interest (adjective)interesting /interested nor does the list include the adverbs derived by adding suffix "-ly" at the end of adjectives. eg.(adjective) deep (adverb)deeply.
calculate calculation calculator    
  caution cautious  
change change changeability changeable unchangeable
  child childhood childish childlike  
choose choice    
circle circle circular  
civilise civiilsation civics civil civic civilised uncivilised  
classify class classification    
enclose enclosure    
collect collection collector collective  
comfort comfort discomfort comfortable uncomfortable comfortably uncomfortably
compare comparison comparative comparable comparably
compel compulsion compulsory compulsorily
compete competition competitor competitive  
complete completion complete imcomplete  
compose composition composer    
conclude conclusion    
confirm confirmation    
confide confidence confident unconfident confidential  
confess confession    
confirm confirmation confirmed unconfirmed  
confuse confusion    
congratulate congratulation    
  consciousness unconsciousness conscious unconscious  
conserve conservation    
consider consideration considerable inconsiderable considerably inconsiderably
construct construction constructive  
consume consumption    
continue discontinue continuation discontinuation continuous discontinuous continual  
  convenience inconvenience convenient inconvenient  
converse conversation conversational  
cook cook cooker cookery  
correct correction correct incorrect corrective  
encourage discourage courage encouragement discouragement courageous  
  cowardice coward  
create creation creature creator creative  
  crime criminal criminal  
criticize critic criticism critical  
  curiosity curious  
  cruelty cruel  
  custom customary  

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