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The following list does not include the adjectives derived from participle forms of verbs e.g.(verb)interest (adjective)interesting /interested nor does the list include the adverbs derived by adding suffix "-ly" at the end of adjectives. eg.(adjective) deep (adverb)deeply.
pack packet package    
part part partner particle partial  
  patience impatience patient impatient  
pay payment payee payable unpaid  
  peculiarity peculiar  
permit permission permissive  
  person personlity personal impersonal  
perceive perception perceptive unperceptive  
perfect perfection perfect imperfect  
perform performance    
  permanence permanency parmanent  
persuade persuasion persuasive unpersuasive  
please pleasure displeasure pleasurable  
  plenty plentiful  
  politics politician political  
  poison poisounous  
popularise popularity unpopularity popular unpopular  
populate population    
  poverty poor  
possess possession possessor possessive  
post postage postal  
  possibility impossibility possible impossible possibly impossibly
  practicality practicability practical impractical practicable impracticable  
practise practice practitioner    
prefer preference preferable preferably
present presence present  
preserve preservation preservative  
press pressure    
prevent prevention preventive  
  pride proud  
imprison prison prisoner imprisonment    
  probability improbability probable improbable probably improbably
produce production product producer productive unproductive  
  profession professional unprofessional  
profit profit profitable unprofitable profitably unprofitably
pronounce mispronounce pronunciation mispronunciation    
propose proposal    
protect protection protective  
prove disprove proof disproof    
publicise publicity public  
  punctuality punctual  
punish punishment    
purify purify impurify pure impure  

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