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The following list does not include the adjectives derived from participle forms of verbs e.g.(verb)interest (adjective)interesting /interested nor does the list include the adverbs derived by adding suffix "-ly" at the end of adjectives. eg.(adjective) deep (adverb)deeply.
sadden sadness sad  
satisfy satisfaction dissatisfaction satisfied unsatisfied satisfactory unsatisfactory  
save safety safe safe unsafe  
  scarcity scarce  
  scene scenery scenic  
  science scientist scientific scientifically
  season seasonal  
secure security secure insecure  
select selection selective  
sense sense sensation sensitive insensitive senseless sensible insensible sensational  
separate sepatation separate separable inseparable  
serve service servant    
  shade shady  
shame shame shameless ashamed shameful  
sharpen sharpness sharp  
shorten shortage short  
sign signature    
  silence silent  
  similarity dissimilarity similar dissimilar  
simplify simplicity simple simply
situate situation    
  sincerity sincere  
sleep sleep sleeper sleepy sleepless asleep sleepily
slip slip slipper slippery  
smooth smoothness smooth  
soften softness soft  
solve solution    
  sorrow sorry sorrowful  
speak speech speechless  
spell misspell spelling misspelling    
stabilize stability instability stable unstable  
state statement    
  stone stony  
stop stopper stoppage    
straighten straightness straight  
strengthen strength strong  
  stupidity stupid  
succed success successful  
  sun sunny suntanned sunburned  
suffice sufficiency sufficient insufficient  
support support supporter supportive  
suspect suspect suspicious unsuspicious  
sweeten seetness sweet  
systematize system systematic unsystematic  
sympathise sympathy sympathetic unsympathetic  

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